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This is the h5up01_root_home layout opened with notepad. There are seven keys inserted to the root layout.


There must be at least one <<Key>> and name of the key can not exceed the length of 20 characters......

The syntax for a webkeytemplate key is <<KeyName>>. Webkeytemplate generates the page by reading the root layout file.
For each record it reads from file, it looks for possible <<Keys>>. When it founds a key it checks for any connections to this key.

Depending on the type of object connected to the key, it reads different tables and files to fetch the information and replace the key. The treeview in the webkey explorer works the same except it displays the <<Key>> instead of replacing it.

It's upp to you to decide how many keys and where to insert them in the layout. Perhaps there where only one text in a page that needed to be updated frequently. Then it would be enough with one key and one layout. But it would'nt be very flexible if you liked to use the webkeytemplate to build new pages.

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When you want to find where a specific layout is used. The grid is sorted in pagename order.

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