Treeview information HTML5UP Strongly Typed

This template is created by html5up and is one by many other templates. The template is free to use as long as you keep the "HTML5 UP" attribution/credit.
If you do not want the "HTML5 UP" attribution/credit, then you need to buy a subscription from Pixelarity.

The page is divided into 3 parts. Navigation, Main content and Footer

This is the navigation part. It contains a project layout called h5up01_nav. It is the menu and it is created as a project layout. So what is a project layout ? A project layout can be used many times in a project, but the content is referred to one single layout. So if you change the content all instances of the layout is reflected.
When the page is generated with keys, the keys are inserted into the code and then they might change the look of the page. The layout numbers are there to help you locate the keys. For example Layout 8, h5up01_cont4u has 3 items connected. One image and two local text.
When the code is generated without keys, the page is correct displayed. This template by HTML5UP n33 is a responsive page. When displayed in a pc the page are divided into 2 columns. The page has always a size of 12 units. You can combine any combination by using 2u, 4u, 6u, 8u, and 12u. You can read more about it at if you want. But to make it simple, 6u + 6u = 12, 4u + 8u = 12, 4u + 2u + 2u + 4u = 12 etc When the page is displayed in a mobile device there is just one column.
This is the page presented in a mobile media size, and the key for the layout number 16 is generated. So if you want to change for example the local text " I mean isn't it possible? " to something else, then click on the treeitem to set focus. And ........