Thank you for your interest in webkeytemplate

Please read the installation documentation here. There is nothing difficult, but there is a file you need to extract as a step 2.


webkeytemplate_setup.exe is the file you will download. The size of the file is approximately 60 mb.
Start the setup and follow these instructions...

Install image 01

Let's start. Click Next

Install image 02

Read and accep the licensagreement, click next.

Install image 03

This is where webkeytemplate installs. Click Next.

Install image 04

Just click next.

Install image 05

A desktop icon, YES. Click Next

Install image 06

Start the installation of webkeytemplate, click install.

Install image 07

This example is in english, but you can choose some alternative languages. Click OK.

Install image 08 dBASE ? Yes webkeytemplate is developed with the help of dBASE Plus. You need a runtime engine and the BDE wich handles the database connections. Webkeytemplate is built with SQL.

Learn more about dBASE plus at

Install image 09 Don't change. Click Next
Install image 10 Don't change. Click Next
Install image 11

Click Next > And the install begins of runtime and BDE

Install image 12

Congratulations, the first part of the install is finished :-)

Install step two

Time to extract all.. of to my documents

Install image 15

Go to webkeytemplate program folder and locate file.
A tip, sort files by size.

Install image 16

Because of the UAC (user access control) in windows, we propose that you extract the webkeyfolders to my document.

Install image 17


Install image 18

Step two finished. Start webkeytemplate as a administrator.

Install step three

Time to update the webkeytemplate database...

Install image 19

If you have followed the instructions, then the file is extracted and you can click the YES button.
What you will do now is to point out where the webkeyfolders folder is.....

Install image 20

1. Set focus to the folder
2. Click on the select button

Install image 21

Start the update.

All folder paths in the webkeytemplate database is reflected to where your webkeyfolders reside.

Install image 22


Start webkeytemplate as a administrator.